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The Early Years

Aaron is the youngest of four siblings. Born in Flushing, MI Aaron grew up moving a few times to several different small towns in Michigan. Although it’s never easy to move somewhere new, this taught Aaron how to make new friends and adapt to new places and environments. As the son of a conservative Baptist pastor, Aaron was instilled with good values and self-sacrificial service.
While growing up, Aaron quickly became interested in science and excelled in school. An introvert, pastor’s kid, and intelligent (interpret: geek)- Aaron found himself outside of most social circles. He made the best of it and used his alone time to think deeply about life, philosophy and science. One of his favorite things to do was to develop theories to explain gravity and the unification theory (early string theory).
Aaron was excepted to Bob Jones University as a physics major, but soon changed to a pastor studies/theology major as he felt called to be in ministry. Bob Jones was a very strict place and part-way through his senior year Aaron was kicked out. (He deserved it). 

Post College

Nobody makes plans of what to do after getting kicked out of college. Aaron decided to move in with his older brother who was a youth pastor, get a job and figure out what to do. It was that first Sunday at his brother’s church that he met a beautiful blonde-haired girl and nothing would be the same. Aaron and TerriLynn met and were married 8 months later. While engaged Aaron was being interviewed by a small church to be a youth/music pastor. After 2 months being married and living with TerriLynn’s parents, Aaron accepted the position.


Aaron has almost always been involved in some type of ministry his whole life. Growing up he would serve with his parents at church and in CEF. During college, he went to nursing homes on Sundays to visit with people and provide a church service for them. During the summers he served at two different churches as an intern youth pastor while working full time at a power plant. Then after he married TerriLynn he accepted a full time position as youth and music pastor in Fremont, MI. After a few years there, he wanted to do more in music. Lake Ann Camp offered Aaron a position and he gladly accepted it. For 3 1/2 years Aaron did music, marketing, outdoor education and many other things. It was a great excperience and major part of Aaron and TerriLynn’s life. It came evident, however, that it was time to move on and Aaron accepted the position of Pastor of Worship & Media at a church in Wapakoneta, OH.
Aaron & TerriLynn made Wapakoneta their home for 8 1/2 years and loved the people and work they were called to. Over the years Aaron began to develop a desire to reach people who weren’t interested in a typical church. He also wanted to do different methods to get more directly involved in the surrounding community and get more people involved in using their own abilities and gifts, rather than just a few paid full time guys. These views were not shared with the current leadership of his church and so it became necessary for Aaron to leave and pursue church-planting.
After being approved with an organization for church planting, Aaron and his family moved to Lansing, MI to pursue planting a church. Hind-sight is 20-20 and it is clear now, this move should probably have never happened. They made the best of it, and after some amazing changes and confirmations, they were called back to Wapakoneta, OH to join a group of families who also wanted to create a new (actualy returning to an old way) way of being the church.


Although most of Aaron’s life has been involved in ministry type things, Aaron has also been involved in many business ventures. While at Lake Ann Camp, Aaron’s position as Director of Guest Relationships, involved marketing, sales & service. Aaron has also had a few businesses of his own. His love of tree climbing and tree care turned into a side business until it became clear the risk and danger was not worth the work. Aaron’s love of coffee and coffee roasting became Speedbump Coffee. A small roasting business that was growing steadily until the move to Lansing, MI. While in Lansing, Aaron was introduced to Pete Mitchell, a business growth and marketing expert. Aaron came under the training and mentoring of Pete and combined with his own experience and skills began Custom Business Growth Solutions. CBGS provides customized solutions for a business’ critical needs to cause increased profit generation and better customer service. You can find out more on the business page.


You’ve heard of Aaron meeting and marrying TerriLynn. She is an amazing woman, wife, and mother. She loves everything design and is an interior designer with Interior Motifs in Wapakoneta, OH.
In 2003 while in Fremont, MI Ainsley Grace was born at Gerber Memorial Hospital (yup, she’s a Gerber Baby). Ainsley loves music, reading, movies, and baking. She’s an excellent competitive swimmer, artist and has huge heart for everyone.
While at Lake Ann Camp, in 2006, Austin Taylor Robert was born in Traverse City, MI. Austin is all about soccer, gaming and any other type of competition. He also loves reading and math.

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