God is better

than you realizeĀ 

Just like life, spirituality is a journey. And your journey is your own. Yes, you may, and should follow others who are going before you and giving advice and perspective, but you still have to walk, make choices, determine beliefs, etc. for yourself.

Sometimes you just need someone to ask the right questions and point you in the right direction. So why am I the right guy to do that for you?

I am a recovering conservative Evangelical. What does that mean? I was raised in a very conservative evangelical home. What many would call legalistic. The advantage of having that as my upbringing is that I was very well educated in Theology and the Bible, and spiritual matters have been a part of my whole life. I have also learned the problems with that belief system and lifestyle. I have come to see that God is so much more loving, forgiving, inclusive, mysterious, etc. than I used to believe.
I have also learned that the most effective way to learn and move in spiritual matters is through facilitation. As a pastor’s kid, and being in church for most of my life, I have heard and delivered thousands of sermons, messages and lessons. But the most effective way of learning for myself and others has come through discovery.

As I lead people now, I do my best to use effective questions to guide them to discover for themselves the answers to their deepest spiritual questions.

If you’re curious, use the contact form to reach out to me and set up a free discovery session.

We can ask each other some questions and see if it’s a good fit to work together to progress in your spiritual journey.

Let’s Start A Better Journey

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